'Simple mistake' that makes moss thrive in your lawn and how to get rid of it

Moss in the lawn
Lawn feeling a little springier than normal? It's time to get rid of that moss -Credit:(Image: Getty)

If you're perplexed by the rapid growth of moss on your lawn, it might be due to a common gardening error that's throwing open the proverbial emerald carpet. As we prepare for the year's first UK heatwave forecasted later this month, many are getting their gardens summer-ready.

This is the ideal time for pressure-washing patio slabs, trimming the grass, and delighting in the growth of your plants with a cool beverage or a hot brew at your side. With the sun making more frequent appearances, there's a tendency to water our lawns to keep them from drying out.

However, gardeners beware. An expert has warned that a common garden mistake could be what's encouraging moss development on your lawn.

Chris Mcllroy from The Grass People explained that moss flourishes in damp, shaded areas and could suggest drainage issues within your garden, particularly following this winter's substantial rainfall.

"Moss loves moisture, so water your lawn with care and avoid flooding the lawn," Chris suggests. "Avoid watering your lawn at night as it is cooler, and the moisture may sit on the soil. If your lawn is naturally moist, you should regularly aerate it.", reports Birmingham Live.

If you're struggling with a mossy garden and want to avoid the back-breaking work of raking, there's a 'brilliant' trick that's got green-fingered enthusiasts talking. A Gardening UK Facebook group member found the answer to their moss problem when another user recommended Richard Jackson's product, saying: "Richard Jacksons do one that is brilliant," and added, "Quickly after I used it the moss disappeared from my lawn."

Another gardener vouched for its effectiveness: "I used Richard Jacksons moss killer. It's great and does the job with no need to rake."