The Sims 4 announces community vote to decide two new Kits

the sims 4 nifty knitting stuff pack
The Sims 4 opens vote to decide two new KitsEA

The Sims 4 has opened up two official polls for players to decide the theme of one new Create-a-Sim Kit and one new Build Buy Kit.

To help with the community's decision, concept art on the four possible themes have been provided.

The first poll, for CAS, is between Rainbow Core Style and Goth Fashion, the former promising colourful patterns while the latter would add items fit for moodier Sims. The Build Buy poll is between Medieval Castle and High Tech Futurism. Would you like to build a rustic fortress or a home that looks more out-of-this world?

Voting closes on May 21 7pm PT / May 22 3am BST. You can go here to have your say, or check out the concept art and the full descriptions for each option below.

the sims 4 kits vote

Vote 1: Rainbow Core Style vs. Goth Fashion

Rainbow Core Style: "It’s light, it’s bright, it’s rainbow core! It’s a playful aesthetic featuring nostalgic, youthful designs, and pops of color. Give your inner child a big hug and dress your Sims in a rainbow of colorful, bright patterns."

Goth Fashion: "Do you grow nauseous at the sight of a bright pink sweater? Perfect. Embrace your dark side and vote for goth fashion. Style your Sim in shades of black from head to toe. They are sure to stand out from the crowd with modern mesh and lace detail, dark dramatic makeup, and edgy accessories."

the sims 4 kit vote

Vote 2: Medieval Castle vs. High Tech Futurism

Medieval Castle: "Place your moat, I mean vote, for medieval castle if you’re looking to keep out those nosey neighbors. Build a fortress with an array of elements including brick walls, battlements and leaded glass windows set in old stone! It’s your very own castle in a kingdom far, far away."

High Tech Futurism: "'You can have tomorrow, today!' Place your vote for high tech futurism, if you’re inspired by out of this world architecture featuring sleek metal exteriors and glowing accents that make a perfect home base for any Sims visiting from another planet.

the sims 4 nifty knitting stuff pack

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Based on early social media reactions, a lot of people are hoping for Goth Fashion to win. The game currently doesn't have as many darker-themed Create-a-Sim items, so a potential Kit could help fill that void.

This isn't the first time the community has had the power to influence the direction of paid content. In 2019, a series of polls kicked off to help determine the theme and style of clothing and Build Buy items. The end result was the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack, which came out in July 2020.

And back in 2018, we had the release of the Laundry Day Stuff Pack after the community voted to have washing machines as well as items with a rustic theme.

Last month, the Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures Kits became the latest Kits to be added to the game.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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