The Sims 4 Lovestruck release date and trailer revealed

the sims 4 lovestruck expansion
Sims 4 Lovestruck gets release date and trailerEA / Maxis

Full details on The Sims 4's next expansion Lovestruck have been revealed, including a release date and trailer.

Officially unveiled today, Simmers can expect to be playing the new pack on Thursday, July 25 on PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox.

As the name implies, the love-themed expansion promises to bring deeper gameplay to romantic interactions and relationships, with several new features focused on matchmaking and going on dates.

the sims 4 lovestruck expansion
EA / Maxis

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Sims can use an in-game dating app called Cupid's Corner to find matches. After a Sim creates a profile (including taking a selfie and listing preferences), the app will curate a pool of matches for them to go through.

Dates can also be planned, with Sims able to choose the venue and activity.

There isn't a guarantee that two Sims will fall in love, either. A new Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs system – which includes activities, characteristics, and romance style – has an impact on the attraction two individuals have for each other.

There are new animations as well, such as a neck kiss and a steamy make-out session.

the sims 4 lovestruck expansion
EA / Maxis

Meanwhile, the Relationship Dynamic system determines whether the relationship of two Sims is wholesome, steamy, strained, or unpredictable, helping to distinguish between different relationships.

A 'wholesome' couple are loved up and show their love for each other through romantic and friendly actions, while a 'steamy' relationship is more focused on physical intimacy.

A couple in a 'strained' relationship are together yet unhappy, and thus can be unkind towards each other.

Lastly, an 'unpredictable' couple can go between fighters and lovers (or vice versa) in an instant – one moment getting into a huge fight, the next kissing and making up.

the sims 4 lovestruck expansion
EA / Maxis

Over the course of a relationship, a Sim can learn about their partner – including their Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs – and the best way to maintain Relationship Satisfaction. A new Romance skill coincides with this feature.

In addition, there are two new traits (Lovebug and Romantically Reserved), two new fears (Fear of Intimacy and Fear of Being Alone), and a Romance Consultant career.

Then there's the new world. The city of Ciudad Enamorada comes with three neighbourhoods and provides fresh locations for couples to meet and WooHoo at as well as a hangout for singletons.

The base game will also see an update that adds the Romantic Boundaries system, which includes customising boundaries and jealousy. Polyamory is possible through this system as well.

the sims 4 lovestruck expansion
EA / Maxis

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The new expansion was first teased in May as part of this summer's roadmap. At the time, the pack was described as "flirtatious".

Last month also saw the release of two new build/buy Kits, which gave Simmers more options to create their ideal restaurant, bar, or pool area.

In other news, Life by You – which was once pitched as a potential competitor to The Sims in the life-simulation genre – has been cancelled by Paradox Interactive following multiple release date delays.

Developer Paradox Tectonic is also being closed down.

The Sims 4 Lovestruck is out on PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 25.

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