Simu Liu dubs Taylor Swift's Eras Tour shows 'life-changing'

Simu Liu has called Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show "life-changing".

During an interview with ET Canada, the Canadian actor detailed his experience seeing the music superstar in concert.

The 34-year-old actor attended the Eras Tour stop in Seattle in late July, where he collected "hundreds" of friendship bracelets.

"You know, I knew that the bracelets was going to be a thing," he told the outlet. "I was very lucky."

Fans began making and trading the bracelets because of a lyric in Taylor's 2022 song You're On Your Own, Kid.

"Everyone kind of knew that I was there," the Marvel actor said. "People lined up to give me friendship bracelets. So I put as many as I could over like my wrists and arms."

The Barbie actor also shared that he "kept all of them", adding that they are "now they're sitting in my living room in a vase".

The star then gushed about the All Too Well hitmaker, comparing her shows to the Super Bowl.

"It was just a great time. She's fantastic. It's like a Super Bowl every night for her, which if you think about it, is insane because there's one Super Bowl a year, but there's like over 30, there's so many of these shows and she's just going out over and over, night after night and just absolutely crushing it," he gushed.

Simu also gave a shout-out to Taylor and added that he hopes his fellow Canadians will get a chance to experience the concerts.

"Your Canadian fans love you, and I just want them to have the experience that I had when I saw you," Simu said. "And it was fantastic, it was life-changing. And I hope that you will give Canadians that opportunity and change their lives as well."

The Love Story singer has since announced six shows in Toronto in November 2024.