Sinema pushes back on ‘endless’ reelection questions

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) pushed back on questions about whether she will seek reelection to her Senate seat as an independent on Sunday.

“When we last spoke back in May, you told me that immigration was one of the most important issues for you, potentially in a second term. You have until April to decide whether to run for reelection, you would need about 42,000 signatures to qualify for that three-way race. Have you decided what’s holding you back if you got it?” CBS’s Margaret Brennan asked Sinema on “Face the Nation.”

Sinema dismissed the question, arguing that she is focusing on delivering for her constituents rather than on politics.

“Well, I understand you have to ask that question, Margaret. But I think folks across Arizona and the country know that when I decide I’m going to work on something that’s important for our state and for our nation, I stay focused on it,” Sinema responded.

“And I think that the endless questions about politics and elections are really exhausting. And it’s what makes Americans really hate politics. So what I’ve committed to my constituents is to stay laser-focused on the policy, on actually solving real problems,” she continued.

Sinema has not committed to running for reelection yet, which would likely turn out to be a three-way race in Arizona if she decides to launch a bid for a second term. A recent poll from Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling showed former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D) neck and neck in a hypothetical match-up in the Arizona Senate race.

When asked about a potential three-way race including Sinema, Gallego led with 36 percent support, which was followed by Lake at 35 percent and Sinema at 17 percent, according to the poll.

Sinema emphasized that border communities are not asking about the election, but what affects their everyday lives.

“This crisis faces us every single day. It’s not just a television show for us. It’s our daily lives,” she said.

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