Singapore Airlines passenger on flight from Heathrow dies and 20 others hurt in turbulence ordeal

A UK flight was re-routed after severe turbulence reportedly left one passenger dead and 20 others injured. The Boeing 777 Singapore Airlines service SQ321 made an emergency landing in Thailand this afternoon.

It flew out of Heathrow at 10.17pm BST on Monday, May 20 but encountered extreme turbulence while entering airspace affected by intense tropical thunderstorms. The plane was rerouted to Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok for an emergency landing just before 4pm local time.

It should have landed at Singapore Changi Airport at 6.10 pm local time. Images showed ambulances waiting on the ground next to the plane. Local reports indicated one passenger died and around 20 others were injured, leading to the emergency landing, reports the Mirror.

Singapore Airlines had been approached for comment. The flight was believed to have departed from London Heathrow and experienced turbulence roughly an hour-and-a-half from Singapore.