Singapore Zoo Sloth Strikes Impressive Pose as Pup Sleeps Soundly on Its Belly

Visitors to Singapore Zoo may just catch a glimpse of the serene sight of a baby sloth resting peacefully on its mother’s tummy, with footage of the pair’s wonderfully still nap time being shared by both the zoo and visitors alike.

The zoo’s two-toed sloth, Indigo, gave birth in mid-September last year, and since then the zoo has released several videos and images of the pair.

One visitor to the zoo, Yu Jifeng, captured footage of the mother sloth resting with her baby on her chest whilst only gripping onto a tree with her feet, though a nearby branch may just be helping offer additional support.

Sharing the footage to Douyin in November, Jifeng commented that the baby was “soundly” asleep at the time. Credit: Lionmobo via Storyful