Sinitta ‘Used Name Of Murder Victim To Set Up Fake Twitter Account To Harass WAG‘

Sinitta has been accused of setting up a fake Twitter account using the name of a murder victim to verbally abuse a reality star.

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A court heard today how the pop star set up the false identity to send messages to Charlotte Ward who is accused of threatening to glass Sinitta during a heated argument earlier this year.

The pair apparently came to blows following a disagreement about mutual friend Lizzie Cundy.

Sinitta then used the account to make comments about Ward, 42, the star of Real Housewives of Cheshire, and wife of Derby County player Ashley Ward.

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Lisa Judge defending Ward, 42, told Westminster Magistrates’ Court: “After being given a clear direction not to tweet about her evidence, she tweeted during the early hours of the morning."At 3.21am she tweeted ‘Can’t sleep after the lies and grilling today. I’m no saint but I’ve never hurt anyone or said bad things about their family.’

"This tweeting in clearly contempt of court designed to malign Mrs Ward.

"Investigations have been concluded and it has been determined that the Twitter account relates to a lady who was brutally murdered by someone and stabbed in the eyes in Australia - that is the profile picture of the account.

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"This woman’s account was set up by someone with the sole purpose of criticising Mrs Ward for her role of Real Housewives, calling her a bully and about her being violent.

"Miss Malone has in excess of 170,000 followers and follows a minimal number of accounts, just over 1,000.

"So it seems extremely unusual, as someone in the spotlight, that she would follow this account of someone who has been brutally murdered.

"Therefore it is clearly a false Twitter account set up to engage in public criticisms of Dawn Ward, her parents, children and husband.”

The trial continues.