Sir Elton John celebrates 29 years of sobriety

Sir Elton John listens in courtyard of the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris, Friday, June 21, 2019. Sir Elton John received the Legion of Honor, seen on his jacket, France's highest award, during a visit to the presidential Elysee Palace (AP Photo/Lewis Joly, Pool)
Sir Elton John has been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for 29 years (AP Photo/Lewis Joly, Pool)

Sir Elton John has said he is “eternally grateful” to those who helped him as he celebrates 29 years of being sober.

The 72-year-old singer - who has previously spoken openly about his battle with substance abuse - shared a picture of his sobriety coin on Instagram.

Elton wrote: “Twenty-nine years ago today, I was a broken man. I finally summoned up the courage to say three words that would change my life: ‘I need help’. Thank you to all the selfless people who have helped me on my journey through sobriety. I am eternally grateful.”

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He was congratulated on the social media channel for his achievement by celebrity friends including Lulu and Elizabeth Hurley.

The star’s battle with drink and drugs is depicted in his biopic Rocketman, which came out earlier this year.

Sir Elton told Variety at the Cannes Film Festival: “I used to have spasms and be found on the floor and they’d put me back to bed and half an hour later I’d be doing the same. It’s crazy.

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“I am a survivor. I’ve survived a lot of things. Life is full of pitfalls, even when you’re sober. I can deal with them now because I don’t have to run away and hide.”

Sir Elton has been in a relationship with David Furnish, 56, for 26 years. They entered into a civil partnership together in 2005, before tying the knot when same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales in March 2014. The couple share sons Zachary, eight, and Elijah, six.