Sir Ian McKellen says he was ‘sacked’ from his job as quizmaster at his own pub

Sir Ian McKellen says he was “sacked” from his unpaid job as quizmaster of his own pub.

The veteran actor, 83, said devising the questions for the trivia evening had taken him “a whole day” each week.

Sir Ian is the leaseholder of The Grapes, Limehouse, a pub overlooking the Thames in east London.

Appearing on The One Show along with fellow actor Roger Allam, he discussed his venture.

“It’s been there since the 16th century and I don’t drop in too often, but I’m invariably there for the quiz on a Monday. I used to run the quizzes,” he said.

“I used to actually be the quizmaster and I devised all the quiz questions. It took me a whole day in the week – 40 questions.

“I did this for a year and then my partner… in the pub said: ‘We don’t need you anymore’.

“I was sacked from my own pub, doing a job for which I wasn’t paid.”

He added: “Anyway, they’ve got professionals in now and it’s much better.”