Sir Patrick Stewart's latest starring role is advertising Yorkshire Tea

Sir Patrick Stewart is advertising Yorkshire Tea. (Getty)
Sir Patrick Stewart is advertising Yorkshire Tea. (Getty)

Sir Patrick Stewart's distinguished career has included Star Trek, X-Men and Royal Shakespeare Company productions...and now an advert for Yorkshire Tea.

The 81-year-old star of stage and screen was born and bred in Yorkshire, and has returned to his roots to advertise one of his home county's most famous products.

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In the ad, Sir Patrick is called on to give the leaving speech as a woman marks the last day in her office job.

Brandishing a cup of Yorkshire Tea, Sir Patrick says: "Ah Tina, the void so hollow that you should leave, the emptiness within these walls where only the soft weeping of the forgotten reverberates.

"Shall we not hear again the enchanting echoes of your laughter or the sweet rasp of your stapler. We must and will continue our love, our dreams, our wishes, ride with you, fair Tina.

"And we are having a pint at the Dog and Trumpet after work, apparently there's a tab behind the bar."

The ad's narrator says: "Yorkshire Tea, where everything is done proper."

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Sir Patrick said of his latest starring role: "No matter where I am in the world, I always make sure I have some Yorkshire Tea with me for a proper brew.

Sir Patrick Stewart in Star Trek
Sir Patrick Stewart is known for his role in Star Trek. (Paramount)

"My career has taken me from the West End to Broadway, from Hollywood to the far ends of the galaxy but now I've returned to where it all began... Yorkshire."

Senior brand manager at Yorkshire Tea Lucy Hoyle added: “We’re chuffed to bits with this new advert and hope everyone loves it as much as we do.

"Sir Patrick is an absolute legend when it comes to delivering a heart-felt performance. If anyone is a master of the art of ‘doing things properly’ – something that is central to everything we do here at Yorkshire Tea – it’s Sir Patrick and we’re thrilled he is part of the Yorkshire Tea team."