'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown says she doesn't think Robyn 'ever lived' a polygamous lifestyle

Robyn Brown and Christine Brown.
Robyn Brown and Christine Brown.TLC; TLC
  • On Sunday's episode of "Sister Wives," Christine Brown says she doesn't think Robyn lived polygamy.

  • It appeared to be a response to Robyn's belief that polygamous wives are supposed to help their husbands parent.

  • Robyn is currently Kody Brown's only wife. Christine and Kody announced their split in November 2021.

On Sunday's episode of TLC's "Sister Wives," Christine Brown gets honest about the different relationships she and her former sister wife Robyn Brown experienced in their respective marriages to Kody Brown.

Christine, who announced her split from Kody in November 2021, shares her thoughts on Robyn's place in the plural marriage during a confessional in season 18 episode two. In her confessional, Christine reflects on a scene in the episode where she and her only son Paedon, 25, are discussing Paedon's belief that Kody was rarely physically present for him growing up.

In her own confessional on the episode, Robyn says that wives and mothers in plural marriages are responsible for helping their husband foster a close bond with their children, since the father splits his time between households.

Christine and Robyn Brown.
Christine and Robyn Brown.TLC

Though viewers don't see Christine learning about Robyn's point of view regarding Kody's parenting, she appears to respond directly to Robyn's point (and refute it) in her own confessional. "It's his responsibility to create a good relationship with his children and it always has been," Christine firmly says.

"I don't think Robyn's ever lived plural marriage, honestly," Christine says, pensively. She then begins to reflect on what happened when Robyn met the family before she and Kody were even married. But she stops herself before revealing anything, saying that lamenting the past isn't helpful.

The 51-year-old former sister wife, who's now engaged to a new partner, goes on to explain that one of the reasons she left Kody was because she could see he had "favorites." She says her kids saw it too, which created complicated dynamics for everyone.

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."
Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Reflecting on the state of the Brown family at the time, Christine says in her confessional that she feels like a "permanent separation" is on the horizon.

Christine's prediction came true soon after she filmed the confessional, which presumably would have been sometime in late 2022. Christine was the first of Kody's four wives to announce she was leaving him, but Kody's second "spiritual" wife, Janelle Brown, followed suit the next year. Janelle confirmed that she considered herself "separated" from Kody in December 2022, though that hasn't been shown on season 18 yet. Janelle confirmed to People that she's now single.

Kody's first wife Meri Brown announced that she had officially left the family in January 2023. As chronicled on "Sister Wives," she and Kody hadn't been romantically involved with each other for many years.

"Sister Wives" airs Sundays at 10 p.m ET on TLC.

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