'Six hours of drinking Champagne with Tom Jones left me in hospital'

The Script frontman ended up in hospital after boozing with Sir Tom Jones

Danny O'Donoghue, the lead singer of Irish band The Script, has shared a story about how a six-hour champagne drinking session with Sir Tom Jones landed him in hospital. The pair, who were part of the original judging line-up on The Voice TV singing show from 2012 alongside Jessie J and Will.i.am, had been celebrating after one of the shows.

Despite being 40 years younger than Sir Tom, Danny admitted he struggled to keep up with the Welsh legend, who is nearing his 84th birthday. During an interview with BBC Radio Wales, he recalled: "It was after one show on The Voice and we were in the Lowry [hotel] up in Manchester and we went drinking that night, and he was telling me all these stories about Elvis and the Rat Pack and every time the champagne got to like a certain level, he'd be clicking [his fingers] to get another bottle of champagne.

"And he said you can't leave the table until the Champagne is done and it just wouldn't stop. We're probably there six hours or something from 12 o'clock to six in the morning and I just remember thinking 'what's all the clinking going on' and they were putting out the things for breakfast in the morning."

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After finally getting some sleep, Danny said that he woke up feeling unwell and ended up in hospital with atrial fibrillation, a condition which causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate. During the interview, the Irish singer explained that he "missed one or two days of filming" of The Voice. He then added: "It was my fault because I should have stopped drinking very early."

Later on in the interview with BBC journalist Lucy Owen, the 'Breakeven' singer described Sir Tom, who is from Pontypridd, as a "super guy". He said: "I don't mean to age him but he's from the same era as my dad but he's a man's man, grew up in the coal mines, loves songs, loved drinking. What an amazing career that guy's had.

"And like all Welsh people they're so down to earth, it's easy to forget how big and how legendary Tom is but he makes you feel that way himself, but I really, really loved my time with him." The 43-year-old singer's interview comes as the band is set to make a return to the stage following the tragic death of their guitarist and co-founder, Mark Sheehan, who tragically died in April of last year, following a brief illness. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.

The band has recently released a new single called Both Ways, which comes from her new album Satellites, which is set to be released in August. During the interview, O'Donoghue explained that the band now wanted to celebrate Sheehan's life and that he continued to have an influence on their music.

"He had such high standards and he wanted us to, not just be a band, but be a band that other people respected, not just the lyrics need to be good, the music needs to be great, the singing needs to be impeccable," Danny said.

"So, all of it, the whole way across the board, he's still there, the standards are still there. I play his guitar a lot which always makes me feel a lot closer to him so he's definitely involved in the album."