Six Reasons Why Jane The Virgin Is One Of The Best Shows On TV

Jane The Virgin is perhaps one of the most underrated shows, despite the big mark that its currently leaving on the television landscape. It’s a show that’s first and foremost about family and love, and features an incredibly diverse cast, a lovable father and one of the best actresses TV has ever seen. Here’s six reasons why Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows out there.

1. The leading women

The show is all about family and motherhood. When we first meet Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), she’s living at home with her grandmother, Alba (Ivonne Coll) and her mother Xiomara (Andrea Navedo). Three seasons on, Jane has her own kid, Mateo and has moved out of her childhood home, but her relationships with her family are still intact. They may have their ups and downs, as well as disagreements, but their bond will always be there. It’s the heart of what the show is all about. On top of that, the three leads are all single mothers raising wonderful kids. 

2. Rogelio de la Vega

Rogelio (Jaime Camil) may have come into the show with his own motives, but he’s grown into a loving father and grandfather to Jane and Mateo. He’s the comic relief of the show, is often a diva (who loves purple and sparkles) and is a big drama queen. But despite his busy schedule being the star of a successful telenovela show, he still has time for his family. Among the serious nature of family relationships that are rooted within the show, Rogelio is both a loving father and a true delight. 

3. Jane chooses her son over any man

Jane’s priorities are clear from the beginning - it’s all about Mateo and what’s best for him. Yes, Jane has two men pining for her but whether you’re Team Rafael (Justin Baldoni) or Team Michael (Brett Dier), you’ll always be on Team Jane. She knows exactly what’s important to her, and will move heaven and Earth for Mateo, making her easily relatable and admirable as a character.

4. The cast is incredibly diverse

Alba moved from Venezuela with her husband Mateo before Xiomara was born. She attempts to preserve their culture by only speaking in Spanish, with Jane and Xiomara replying in English, something many can relate to. Jane’s baby daddy Rafael is from Italian descent while his ex-wife Petra (Yael Grobglas) is from the Czech Republic. The cast is incredibly diverse without the diversity angle being forced - the show is about celebrating being different. That’s something refreshing to see in the current TV landscape.

5. The story lines are ridiculous and they know it

Yes, crime lords, face changing clinics and kidnappings are all part of the story. Among the serious, heart-warming scenes between Jane and her family, the show manages to spare some humour by parodying the ridiculousness of telenovelas. The show even has a hilarious narrator (Anthony Mendez) who acts as a gateway between the audience and the characters, often asking the questions that we demand the answers to.

6. Gina Rodriguez

The show’s lead Gina Rodriguez is both an incredible actress and an inspirational human being. She won a Golden Globe award for her role after only eight episodes had aired. Her character Jane is immediately likeable and relatable from the moment you see her. It’s hard not to admire her and a lot of that is down to Rodriguez, a brilliant actor who knows how to pull out all the emotional, comedic and thrilling stops. As complicated as her life is, Jane somehow manages to keep a calm poise, making Rodriguez one of the best actresses on TV right now.

Jane the Virgin airs on E4.