Sixteen people arrested after Just Stop Oil protest at Rishi Sunak’s house

Protesters sat in a circle and chanted slogans
Protesters sat in a circle and chanted slogans - PA

Sixteen Just Stop Oil protesters have been arrested following a demonstration outside the Prime Minister’s west London home calling for a halt on fossil fuel exploration in the UK.

The protest group said that about 18 supporters gathered outside Rishi Sunak’s Kensington property and beat pots and pans while carrying placards stating: “COP FailureCrop Failure”, “No rest for the Wicked” and “Arrest the Real Criminals”.

Just Stop Oil said that police attended and detained the protesters at the scene with the Met Police later confirming 16 arrests.

It said in a statement on its website: “There should be no rest for the wicked. Rishi Sunak has already abandoned the promises he made to his own children on climate - he should have listened to them.

“New oil and gas is a sealed death warrant for the young and those who have done the least to contribute to this crisis.

The protest comes ahead of the Cop28 summit in Dubai
The protest comes ahead of the Cop28 summit in Dubai - PA

“It’s disgraceful that an unelected Prime Minister should throw our futures away to squeeze out more profit for his fossil fuel lobbyist cronies.

“Any politician who has the slightest desire to represent the interests of the British people would immediately ban all new licences for oil and gas in the UK.”

Community worker Pia Bastide, 29, said: “People with flooded homes can’t sleep. Children dying from starvation can’t sleep. Communities staring down wildfires can’t sleep. So why should climate criminals like Rishi Sunak get a peaceful night’s sleep?”

Protesters were joined by musician Louise Harris who played her protest song We Tried - which has previously reached number one in the iTunes singles chart.

No 10 has declined to comment on the incident.

Police detained members of the group and broke up the protest
Police detained members of the group and broke up the protest - PA

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We have arrested 16 Just Stop Oil activists following a protest in Kensington SW5 this evening.

“They have been taken to a number of central London police stations where they remain in custody.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

The protest comes after Greenpeace activists scaled Mr Sunak’s North Yorkshire home in August in protest against the Government’s decision to expand North Sea oil drilling have been released on police bail.

Four people were arrested after they used ladders and ropes to climb on the grade II-listed manor house in Kirby Sigston and drape oil-black fabric over the property.

A fifth activist was later arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance in connection with the stunt.