Sixth-Ever Predicted Earthbound Asteroid Seen in Ontario Night Sky

The European Space Agency (ESA) said that a fireball seen shooting through the sky over Ontario on November 19 was just the sixth object to be detected in space before entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Doorbell camera footage captured by Sarah Gorsline in Milton shows the sky brightening before the trail of the fireball is seen.

The object, measuring less than a meter and given a temporary designation of #C8FF042, entered the atmosphere above Niagara Falls as a “safe fireball,” according to the ESA.

“For only the sixth time in history, this impact was predicted,” the agency said.

The agency also said: “All [previous] asteroids spotted before impact were found since 2008, illustrating how much asteroid observation technologies have improved in the last years.” Credit: Sarah Gorsline via Storyful

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