The Skegness shop with a hidden room that is perfect for anyone heading to the coast with a dog

Bear sniffing out a treat
-Credit: (Image: Laycie Beck)

Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors make their way to Skegness, Lincolnshire's most popular seaside town known for it's family attractions and nightlife. However, with many of us taking our dogs along with us on holiday, it can be hard to keep them occupied.

All dog owners know the struggle of needing to tire out their pets whilst trying to avoid the heat of the midday sun, crowded beaches or a lengthy walk. During my recent visit to Skegness with my two-year-old Rottweiler Bear I was keen to make the most out of our visit and began looking for dog-friendly things in the area.

This is when I stumbled across Digby's, which is a pet store on the Heath Road industrial estate, perhaps a 10 or 15-minute walk from the centre of Skegness. Unlike other pet shops, which sell your typical treats and bedding, Digby's had an enrichment room in the back.

Everyone gets a bag of treats to hide for their dogs, but you can also use your own
Everyone gets a bag of treats to hide for their dogs, but you can also use your own

I had never heard of one of these rooms before, let alone seen one being advertised. A quick look on their website showed that the room is a small area of the store which has been fenced and gated off to create a garden-themed area full of treat hiding places and toys for your dog.

For £12.50 this area is yours for 45 minutes, and you can have up to two dogs from the same household in it. The price also includes a bag of Digby's dog treats which you hide around the room, in things like puzzle toys, plant pots and secret compartments, for your dog to sniff around and find, but you can also use your own treats instead or as well as.

Sniffing is a great way for dogs to tire themselves out, and since this room is indoors, it's a great way to avoid that dreaded midday sunshine. I booked an appointment for the morning of Saturday, June 29, and it was a great experience.

The staff were lovely and showed me around the room while Bear waited outside with my partner. They gave me a large bag of treats to hide before he came in, so he didn't just take them as I hid them, and they were also able to remove the ball pit as Bear is a bit ball crazy and thinks he's the size of a Shih Tzu and not a giant dog.

Bear had 45 minutes to find all the treats
Bear had 45 minutes to find all the treats

Then Bear came on in and once the gate closed we were able to take him off the lead. He was a bit confused at first to where we were and what was happening, but after a few minutes, he found a couple of treats around the room and then got the idea.

About 40 minutes later he had found all of his treats, and some additional treats that I didn't hide but think must have been left unfound from the dog before us. It was a lovely laid-back activity but it provided Bear with some great mental stimulation, so he was more relaxed throughout the day than normal, that was until it was time for his evening walk.

I could not recommend the room enough, all the staff were lovely, it was easy to book and there was a sink and large water bowl in the room which meant Bear was able to have a drink as and when he wanted to. It was also clear that there was a lot of thought that had gone into the room, with small details like extra greenery for decoration around the top and birds chirping sounds being played.

Plus, after he finished finding his treats, there was a small area in the store where Bear could go and have his photo taken. It felt a bit like when you complete an escape room and you have a photo at the end, but he got another treat for smiling lovely so he was happy.

Bear had a great time in the enrichment room at Digby's
Bear had a great time in the enrichment room at Digby's