Skier's helmet camera captures moment Israel intercepts missile fired from Syria aimed at Golan Heights

Matt Dathan

Footage caught on a skier’s helmet camera showed Israel intercepting a missile fired from Syria above the slopes of Mount Hermon.

Israel’s military said its Iron Dome interceptor system managed to shoot down the rocket, which it claimed was fired by Iranian forces in Syria at the northern part of the Golan Heights on Sunday.

The footage shows people skiing down a mountain when the missle streaks overhead, apparently followed by an intercepting missile from Israel’s Iron Dome system.

The attempted strike, which took place over the Mount Hermon ski resort, was followed by a rare Israeli daylight air raid near the Damascus International Airport in Syria on Monday.

The Israeli military said its jets struck a series of Iranian military targets in Syria, with targets including munition storage facilities, an intelligence site, and a military training camp.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the pre-dawn strikes lasted for nearly an hour and were the most intense Israeli attacks since May.

It said 11 were killed in the strikes.

The Russian military said four Syrian troops were among those killed in airstrikes that targeted three different locations and damaged unspecified infrastructure at Damascus airport.

There were no further details on the casualties or their nationalities.

Reacing to news of the strikes, Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, the head of Iran’s air force, said it is ready to fight Israel “and eliminate it from the Earth”.

Additional reporting by agencies