Skunk Kit 'Dropped From Beak of Crow' Nurtured Back to Health

A skunk kit dropped from the beak of a crow has been nurtured back to health by a wildlife rescuer in Farmersville, Louisiana.

Footage recorded by Leslie Greene, who runs River Bandit Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit wildlife rescue, shows the skunk’s transformation from a 27 gram (0.05 pound) baby to a 4.2 pound four-month-old.

The unnamed male was spotted on June 11 last year by a wildlife photographer in Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge, after it was dropped from the beak of a crow, Greene told Storyful.

“She saw a crow with what appeared to be a baby mouse in his beak. The crow dropped what was in his beak … She heard the squeak noise that he made, and easily found this little skunk. She reached out to our rescue and we took him in that day,” Greene said.

Greene estimated the kit was only days old when she took him in.

After a long recovery and lots of milk, the kit was released in October, Greene said. Credit: Leslie Greene via Storyful

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