Sky set to cut around 1,000 UK jobs this year

Sky is set to cut around 1,000 jobs in the UK this year as more and more people access its services over the internet.

A “significant number” of those facing redundancy will be engineers as fewer people want satellite dishes installed in their homes.

Digital products such as Sky Glass and Sky Stream, which people can set up without any help and only need an internet connection to work, have become more popular.

The cuts represent around 4% of the media company’s workforce.

A Sky spokesperson said: “The launch of Sky Glass and Sky Stream represents a shift in our business to deliver TV over IP (an internet connection) rather than satellite.

“Increasingly, customers are choosing Sky Glass and Sky Stream, which don’t require specialist installation, and that has led us to change the number of roles we need to deliver our services.”

There will be a consultation period before any final decisions are made.

Channel 4 also announced plans to cut 200 jobs, about 18% of its workforce, on Monday as it focuses on digital services.