Skydiver Recovers Phone After It Fell From His Pocket at 12,000 Feet

A skydiver managed to recover his phone without a scratch after it fell from his pocket at 12,000 feet in Zephyrhills, Florida, in late March.

Frank Carballido, a content creator who regularly shares footage from his skydiving adventures, captured this video showing the moment the phone slipped from his pocket as he and another skydiver were performing a mid-air trick.

Carballido documented how he found his phone using the ‘Find My Device’ feature that provided him with coordinates. He followed the coordinates, which led him to a wooded area where he managed to recover his phone.

The skydiver told Storyful the phone was a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in a Deerlamn case. Credit: Frank Carballido via Storyful