Sleep expert warns against 'heatwave freezer hack' that could harm you

Exhausted woman suffering from the heat during the summer heatwave, she is sitting in front of the open fridge and cooling herself
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

Brits are looking for ways to stay cool as temps throughout the UK are set to reach well into the 20s this week. But, nights could be more unbearable as the heat continues to linger.

Among the various hacks circulating on social media is stuffing items into the freezer for a refreshing nights sleep. Items such as pillow cases are taken out at bedtime, with many hoping this would keep them cool throughout the night.

However, experts warn this could have adverse effects. James Wilson, who is widely recognised online as The Sleep Geek, questions the effectiveness of this hack.

Although bringing something cold into your heated bedroom might sound like a simple solution, it may not bring the desired outcome. Wilson, having appeared on platforms like BBC Breakfast, ITV's This Morning and Channel 4, is no stranger to sleep-related issues, and is also the creator of Kipmate, reports the Mirror.

In a TikTok video, he expressed his thoughts on the frenzy around freezing items: "People seem to be obsessed about putting things in the freezer to help them sleep better. Now, it doesn't really help us sleep better and there's a couple of reasons why."

On a lighter note, he teased those who manage to fit their entire duvets into their freezers, claiming they must have "massive freezers". However, he went on to explain the potential detriment of this trick.

According to Wilson, "Shocking your body with the extreme cold, it doesn't relax you. It puts your body into more of a wake up mode whereas lukewarm water slowly helps your body cool down."

James also highlighted the inevitable outcome of using frozen items for cooling down in bed, explaining: "If you put something in your bed that has been in the freezer, that will melt."

"When it melts, that moisture will be in your sleeping environment which is bad for two reasons. One being that moisture during the night will heat up and make you feel hotter. The second being a soggy mess in your bed - and nobody wants that."