Slight increase coming for car tag prices in Coffee County

COFFEE COUNTY, Ala (WDHN) — Citizens in Coffee County will see an increase in their vehicle tag payments this fall.

Coffee County Sheriff Scott Byrd said the cost of vehicle tags will increase by $8 beginning in October 2024. This increase will include registration, transfer, or renewal of any vehicle in the

Discussions on the minor increase began after Alabama residents were no longer required to carry concealed carry pistol permits beginning January 1, 2023, taking funds away from sheriff’s departments.

Sheriff Byrd says he and District Attorney James Tarbox discussed the increase and decided that $8 was a price everyone could afford.

“We don’t want to hurt anyone. We wanted a fair price for everyone.” Sheriff Byrd said. ” This will help keep the citizens safe.”

Of the $8 increase, $5 will go to the CCSO, and $3 will go to the District Attorney’s Office,

The funds directed towards the CCSO will go into the department’s general fund and help get deputies the necessary equipment to keep operating.

The $3 going to DA Tarbox’s office will help keep staffing levels operational across his Pike and Coffee County offices.

DA Tarbox told WDHN he understands some may not like this increase and wants to assure citizens that if revenue comes in from other sources, he will be the first one to suggest cutting the increase.

The bill promoting this increase, HB416, passed in the state legislature on May 2, and Governor Kay Ivey signed it on May 6.

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