'Slow Down!': Tornado Whips Debris Over Cars on Missouri Highway

Debris was seen flying toward cars traveling along a highway near Birch Tree, Missouri, as severe weather tore through the region on Sunday, May 26.

StormRunner Media captured this footage, telling Storyful that a “violent tornado” crossed the road in front of them at around 6 pm local time.

“Debris raining out of the sky,” one person can be heard saying in the footage.

Local news reports said multiple injuries and significant building damage were reported across Howell County after a tornado touched down.

The Mountain View Police Department said emergency responders were working to clear roads of fallen trees and power lines, as well as to locate and assist affected residents on Sunday evening.

On Monday the National Weather Service said it was conducting assessments of areas in Missouri to determine the level of damage. Credit: StormRunner Media via Storyful

Video transcript

Yeah, there is.

Yeah, there it is.

Look over Conor.

Be careful, man.


Conor, be careful.

You gotta slow down, buddy.

It's crossing right here.

You got the camera.


Right here.

Holy mother of God.


Slow down, dude.

I'm sorry.

He knows what he's doing.

Crossing the road right here.

There it is.

Debris, debris.

Oh, it just hit a house.

Oh, no.

Strong war.

Strong war.

There it goes.

There it goes.



Slow down, man.

You're gonna hit with debris on your left side, honey, you're gonna get hit with debris, buddy.

You gotta stop debris coming down.

I'm stopping right here.

Debris raining out of the sky.

Oh my God.

This is a house up in the air right now.

Oh my God.

Right there.

Just cross the road.

Oh, power flash.

Power flashes.

Hey, I got it on this side and I can do on this side.

All right.

Get it, get it out of your window, get it out of your window.

Ok. All right.

You know what?

We got debris coming down.

Uh It's backing up towards the road for a second.

Sorry guys.

Look at that.

Hold on.

We got pieces of house coming down on us right now.

Oh, no.

Don't hit the house.

Please move over to that house and don't hit them MS. Ok. Look at it.

It's right there.

It's right there.

Holy crap.

See, yeah.

The breed that we all just hit a house on strong.

You strong, slow down, you're gonna hit with debris on your side.

Three, you're coming down in summer right here.

You be raining out of the sky.

Oh my God, this is the house up in the air right now.

Ok. All right.

Get it, get it out of your window, get it out your window.

Ok. All right.

Ok. Yeah.

Yeah, MS. Yeah, it's right there guys.

Thank you.


Let down, let down keep going east.

He had a good night.