Are you smarter than a seven-year-old? Take our primary school quiz and find out

Child looking at a whiteboard with a maths problem
Time to prove if you still have that primary school knowledge -Credit:Getty

Remember when you were in primary school and your teacher insisted on the importance of mental arithmetic because you wouldn't always have a calculator handy?

It seems your teacher was more proficient at their eight times table than predicting the future. But do you still retain that knowledge? Do you know how many beans make five?

We've compiled a maths quiz, with questions escalating in difficulty, to challenge a seven year old. The real question is, how would you fare?

Are your mental arithmetic skills sharp enough to divide a restaurant bill without resorting to a phone app - assuming you're not dining with someone who refuses to pay an equal share because they skipped the starter (not me by the way)?

Give our entertaining quiz a go below and find out.

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This Tuesday (April 16) also marks primary school offer day across the country, with parents anxiously waiting to find out whether their children have been accepted into their first choice schools.

Typically families will be sent a letter telling them which school their council has assigned. The decision will be based on a number of factors, with priority typically given to children who live within the catchment area of their chosen school, have a sibling at the school already, or pupils who pass an entrance exam for selective schools.

If your child does not get a place at their school of choice, there is an option to appeal the decision within 20 days. Information about how to appeal can be found on the letter.

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