Smartphones ‘Will Die Out Within Five Years,’ Report Predicts

But what will replace them?


Smartphones are everywhere in modern life - and many of us couldn’t imagine living without ours.

An annual report by telecoms giant Ericsson has predicted that smartphones could be about to die out - within five years.

The report, which quizzed 100,000 people in Sweden and 39 other countries, found that many people believe smartphones are ‘over’.

Instead, we’ll speak to ‘artificially intelligent’ helpers without needing a screen, according to the people polled by the telecoms giant.

Many tech gurus predict that wearable gadgets such as Apple Watch will slowly start to replace smartphones – although few experts would expect the change to be THIS rapid.

‘A smartphone in the hand, it’s really not that practical,’ said Rebecka Cedering Ångström from Ericsson ConsumerLab.

‘For example, not when one is driving a car or cooking. And there are many situations where display screens are not so good. Therefore, one in two think that smartphones will belong to the past within five years,”

‘Things just go so fast now from the idea to the mass market. We have not studied the technology, this is just what consumers think.’