Will Smith was once scared out of a hotel by a ghost

Will Smith was once left so terrified by a ghost in a hotel that he had to make an "emergency check out".

The 55-year-old Hollywood star says he was too scared to complete his stay in the hotel after a ghostly presence tampered with technology and toilets.

Opening up about his spooky encounter on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, Will said, "I once had to emergency check out of a hotel because of a ghost."

Show host Jimmy demanded to know when the incident occurred, prompting Will to reveal it had been 27 years ago, and continued, "The ghost urinated in my friend's toilet... And cleared all of his messages from his phone."

Will went on to claim the incident took place in London's Lanesborough Hotel and went on to reveal, "We assumed (the ghost) was British. But it was scary enough for us to check out of the hotel."

The Bad Boys: Ride or Die star went on to tell the host and his suspicious audience that his tale was "100% true".

The five-star Lanesborough hotel, found in Knightsbridge, has long been rumoured to be haunted and the Grade II listed building was previously the site of the St George's Hospital.

The original building was constructed in 1719 and later redesigned by National Gallery architect William Wilkins in the 1800s.

The hospital continued to operate until the 1970s and the building was then redeveloped as a hotel which opened in 1991.