Will Smith surprises Coachella with ‘Men in Black’ performance

Will Smith dusted off his black suit and Ray Bans for a surprise performance at Coachella.

The actor and musician made a cameo during J Balvin’s Sunday night set at the music festival, singing his 1997 hit “Men in Black” from the film of the same name.

Smith, who starred in three “Men in Black” movies, showed up toward the end of Balvin’s extraterrestrial-themed set, sporting the iconic look that became synonymous with the alien-fighting agents in the film.

With green aliens dancing in the background, Smith sang a portion of the catchy tune and resurrected dance moves from the music video. (Balvin’s performance and Smith’s cameo were shown on Coachella’s YouTube livestream.)

Fittingly, Smith closed his performance with a reference to the movie, whipping out a memory-erasing neuralyzer and disappearing as quickly as he appeared. This was a performance, however, that attendees and live streamers alike are unlikely to forget.

In the “Men in Black” franchise, Smith starred as Agent J, a former NYPD detective who is recruited to serve in a secret organization that deals with all extraterrestrial matters. Smith starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones.

The song that accompanied the film was from Smith’s debut solo album “Big Willie Style.”

It won Smith a Grammy Award in 1998.

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