Smosh's Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp Are Really Married – Why They Announced the News on April Fools' Day

“It's so wonderful to be married to my best friend," Courtney Miller tells PEOPLE

<p>Courtney Miller/Instagram</p> Shaye Topp and Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller/Instagram

Shaye Topp and Courtney Miller
  • Smosh's Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp are married, Miller confirms to PEOPLE

  • “It's so wonderful to be married to my best friend," the comedian says

  • The pair announced their union on April Fools' Day, causing some fans to speculate whether it was just a joke

Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp are married — no joke!

The Smosh stars seemingly confirmed their union on social media Monday, but some of their fans weren’t sure if the YouTube comedians were for real or pulling an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank.

But in a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday, Miller, 28, confirms that they did in fact tie the knot late last month.

“Shayne and I indeed got married on March 29th, at the Santa Barbara Courthouse,” Miller, 28, tells PEOPLE. “It's so wonderful to be married to my best friend.”

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Many of the comedy collective’s nearly 27 million YouTube subscribers weren’t sure what to think when the couple posted a carousel of happy photos documenting their big day.

In the images, Miller wore a sleeveless short white dress with a veil, while Topp sported a brown suit and tie as they joyfully embraced outside the courthouse.

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In other snaps, the funny duo posed in front of a field of wildflowers and cuddled at the beach. And in one image, Topp is shown on bended knee proposing to Miller on what looks to be a hike in the mountains.

<p>Courtney Miller/Instagram</p> Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller/Instagram

Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller

In the comments, the common refrain, “Is this a joke?” reigned, with one follower pleading for the truth: “Y’all are playing 4D chess with our hearts rn.”

For Miller, the big reveal was a coordinated effort.

“We planned to make an announcement about our marriage on April Fools’ Day, and it was hilarious,” she tells PEOPLE.

After Miller and Topp’s big reveal, Smosh’s official Instagram account made a pair of posts, including a clip where Miller even said, "You’re gonna have to bleep this out, but I’m getting married."

“We heard y’all wanted the uncensored cut for some reason?” read the caption.

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Miller and Topp have worked together for years as part of the sketch comedy-improv collective, and Miller’s dating life has been the subject for sketches in the past, including “Courtney Interviews Her Exes” and “Courtney’s Boyfriend Reveal.”

But until now, Miller and the 32-year-old Topp — who has also appeared on The Goldbergs and the Disney Channel’s So Random! — kept their real-life pairing under wraps.

“It's nice to finally have our relationship out in the open,” Miller tells PEOPLE. “And the fans' reactions have been very heartwarming.”

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