Snake Catcher Called to Office After Employee Finds Surprise New Co-Worker

A Queensland-based snake catcher was called to a Rosemont office to remove a snake that was discovered curled up on an employee’s desk, footage posted on January 10 shows.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted video to Facebook showing him carefully removing the unwelcome new colleague from where it was hiding on the desk, and then later releasing it back into the wild.

“The snake went unnoticed for a while and was only inches away from her,” McKenzie wrote in the Facebook post. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Just here at a local business in Rosemount, and the staff have arrived at the office and there's a snake apparently under one of the lady's monitors on her desk. You mind if we film?

- That's all right.

- Good day.

- Hey.

- Good day.

- Good day.

- Hey, boss.

- Hey.

- On the monitor.

- That way, yeah.

- Yeah, right. So you were just sitting here, and it's just been sitting there the whole time?

- Yeah, sort of like being rummaging for the cords around the back for the headphones and for the chargers, and I put the phones on the bamboo thing. I turned off the light switches back there. And then the phone rings, the bamboo vibrated, I picked the phone up, and I've gone, oh, someone's playing jinx with me. And then I'm going, oh no.

- Yeah, that's not a very funny joke to play if someone was joking.


That is insane. I can't believe it's just sitting there.

- Yeah.

- I suppose it's quite cool in here. And as it been on overnight?

- No. No. Only when I arrived.

- I wonder why it's come in.

- I don't know.

- So it's a common tree snake.

- We were wondering.

- I can stop sweating now. [LAUGHTER] But I just don't want to think that he's got a brother or sister or a mother.

- That's insane.

- So he was, like, hanging. He was out of sight under there.

- Just sitting next to your desk. Yeah, right. What are you doing in here?

- Oh, he's so cute.

- Oh, don't cute. [LAUGHTER]

- What are you doing in here? All right, there you go. And he just sat there. Just enjoying your company, I think. No, we'll get him back outside where he belongs.

- OK.

- That's crazy.

- He's so calm.

- I don't know what's poisonous and what's not, you know?

- And it can be hard to tell, so this one, obviously, looks quite olivey, branning color, a little bit green there. So it can be hard to tell a difference. Beautiful common tree snake. Can't believe it was just sitting there on top of the lady's desk, and she actually thought it was just cords connecting a computer and didn't notice it for probably about half an hour whilst working. So they would just spend a bit of time together. But, obviously, the snake doesn't belong in the office, so we'll get it back up in the trees where it's much happier.