Snake expert discusses species of snakes common in the Wiregrass ahead of snake season

WIREGRASS, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama is a hot destination for snakes but as warm continues, you could see snakes earlier than expected.

In the middle of spring like now marks the beginning of snake season in Alabama.

Over 40 species of snakes can be found across Alabama and six of them could be right here in the Wiregrass.

“When it gets really hot they are going to be active during dawn or dusk but during this time of year, you will see a lot of species during the day,” Dr. Anderson said.

Copperheads which are venomous and rat snakes which can be big but not harmless are typically the kind of snakes found in this area.

One person commenting on our Facebook page — “Here in Dothan we have already seen a rattlesnake and cottonmouth.”

Dr. Wesley Anderson who’s based out of Auburn’s extension office says the local extension offices have already been made aware of some of the species in the Wiregrass popping up.

Even one that seems to be more dangerous than a copperhead and unique for this area.

“One thing y’all have down there that we don’t have in Auburn are those eastern diamondbacks which are the biggest rattlesnakes in the world and that’s pretty impressive,” He said.

If you’re bitten by one you should seek medical care immediately.

But if you come across a snake, Dr. Anderson encourages maintaining your composure, staying far away, and taking a picture of it safely which could help identify it.

He says venomous snakes typically have triangle shaped heads or cat like eyes.

He says although snakes are frightening, it’s not much you can do to prevent them but you can reduce your chance of them making your house a home.

“Repellants don’t work but keep your grass cut and make sure lawn is neat so they can’t hide,” He said.

Dr. Anderson said if you do come across a snake do not take it upon yourself to remove it but call someone trained to remove it to avoid any incidents.

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