‘SNL’: Marcello Hernandez, Ayo Edebiri & More Lose Virginity To ‘Dune’ Popcorn Bucket In Musical Sketch

In recent days, the internet has taken notice of a bizarre Dune-themed popcorn bucket being handed out at movie theaters to promote the forthcoming release of Warner Bros’ Dune: Part Two — and now, SNL has paid tribute.

The sketch from tonight’s episode opens on the teenage Rudy (Marcello Hernandez) and friends at the high school lunch table, watching as Rudy is approached by a flirtatious schoolmate, played by host Ayo Edebiri.

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“Hey Rudy. Are you going to be around after school?” she asks, to which he replies, “Definitely.”

After she walks away, Rudy’s friends — played by Devon Walker and Bowen Yang — acknowledge that their interaction was “so cute,” and Rudy has something to tell them. “My parents are going out of town tonight, which means I’m going to have the house to myself. I think it’s going to happen tonight, for real,” he says excitedly, alluding to the prospect of losing his virginity.

Later, he sprays himself with cologne, seemingly awaiting his schoolmate’s arrival, before bursting into song. “I’ve been ready for this moment for a long, long time and it’s happening tonight,” Rudy sings. “Been waiting for someone special and now that I’ve found it, it finally feels so right.”

Rudy goes on to sing: “I’m a gentle teenage boy with an innocent heart but you found a way to touch it — and now that my parents are gone, I’m going to lose my virginity to the Dune popcorn bucket.”

We cut to him holding the bucket, modeled off of the sandworms of the desert planet of Arrakis, which has spiny plastic teeth lining its center. “Oh, play my heartstrings just like a fiddle,” sings Rudy, “and I’m not scared of the teeth in the middle.”

Later, after watching Rudy pop champagne, we cut to Edebiri’s character telling her dad (played by Kenan Thompson) that she herself is not into boys, but rather — you guessed it — the Dune popcorn bucket.

“And I don’t care about my grades anymore,” sings Yang’s character. “Just want that Dune popcorn bucket.”

Rudy takes his bucket to Prom and is named Prom King, with the bucket as his queen.

“Around the world, children will buy this, got two popcorn buckets. We didn’t make this up, this is a real thing,” the SNL ensemble later sings. “Can’t wait to see Dune 2 eating popcorn out of my bucket. Then after, I’ll take it home and f**k it.”

The Bear‘s Edebiri makes her debut as host tonight on SNL. Jennifer Lopez is musical guest. For video of the Dune sketch, check back later.

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