SNL Video: Alaska Airlines Announces Upgrades — Like Tightening Bolts

It may not have been good news for Alaska Airlines when a chunk of their plane flew off mid-flight. But for the Saturday Night Live, it was nothing but, as first-time host Jacob Elordi (of Saltburn and yes Kissing Booth fame) joined the cast in a great commercial for the beleaguered airline if they ever decide to lean into their misfortune.

The Alaska Airlines incident took place in Portland on Jan. 5, so the writers must have been champing at the bit to return from their hiatus. In the commercial parody, passengers and flight attendants list all the great things about being on a plane with serious mechanical failings. Like, having a great story to tell at work and becoming the most interesting person in your office.

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“On other airlines, you can watch movies,” says Elordi, “But on Alaska, you’re in the movie,” as footage plays of people screaming as a plane goes down.

Other policies building off their disastrous safety record? Commemorative photos like you get at Disney’s Splash Mountain, and an inflight safety manual that makes the complete works of William Shakespeare look like a Scientology pamphlet.

Oh yeah, and they’re now tightening some of those bolts that hold the plane together.

We also get a reenactment of the boy whose shirt was sucked out of the plane, courtesy of Andrew Dismukes, and Kenan Thompson reminding us of the Alaska pilot on mushrooms who tried to turn off his plane’s engines less than two months prior. Two months! (And that flight was also out of Portland. Maybe the whole state of Oregon should take a break from planes and just drive for a while?)

In reality, there is probably nothing scarier than having a hole blow open in your plane at 16,000 feet. But isn’t that what comedy is for? To get us through the horrors of living? Or at least to get a healthy dose of schadenfreude at someone else’s?

Watch the parody below, and then weigh in on this weekend’s SNL.

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