Snow-Covered Jetty Is Otter-ly Enjoyable for Furry Lakeside Foursome

A snow-covered jetty proved a fun slide for a gang of otters on December 20, with lakeside video from Seattle showing them playing about.

The video, recorded by Cassie Wistrom, shows four otters sliding around on their bellies after a covering of snow in Washington.

Wistrom told Storyful that she often sees otters “hanging out on my dock eating fish, nuzzling each other or playing around,” but never had the chance to spot four at once.

“Next thing I know they are taking turns sledding down the dock! They’ve never come that close to the patio before. I guess the prospect of cruising through fresh powder was too tempting to pass up!” she said. Credit: Cassie Wistrom via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look at these cute little guys playing in the snow. Oh my gosh. Ew. Four of them, no way.