Snow and Debris Engulf Italian Town

Large snowdrifts and debris partially engulfed the Italian town of Martell on November 17.

Christian Gurschler, a resident of the town, recorded this video and told Storyful: “We got evacuated because its possible that there will arrive some more. All the streets in our valley are closed now.”

A South Tyrol-based meteorologist, Dieter Peterlin, warned on Twitter, of a high risk of avalanches in the area. Martell is located in South Tyrol.

The avalanche warning service site on November 17 showed the South Tyrol area in red, indicating “numerous large and, in many cases, very large natural avalanches are to be expected as the precipitation becomes more intense.”

Gurschler also told Storyful that volunteers rescue teams from Martell Valley were checking the situation. “Maybe we have to stay at least one night in the evacuation center,” he wrote. Credit: Christian Gurschler via Storyful