'Snowflake Mountain' on Netflix: What is the new reality series?

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The Snowflake Mountain cast
The Snowflake Mountain cast are set for a shock. (Netflix)

An addictive new reality series is coming to Netflix that sees a group of pampered young people challenged to live in a remote forest under the harsh instruction of former military officers.

Snowflake Mountain features a collection of 20-somethings from both the UK and the US who have been spoilt and waited on by family their whole lives so far, but they're about to get a rude awakening at an American survival retreat.

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Former US army and navy officers who describe their career history as "think The Hurt Locker" will be responsible for whipping them into shape - and the trailer shows it isn't long until many of the group are reduced to tears.

Snowflake Mountain contestants set up camp
Snowflake Mountain contestants get a harsh introduction to adulthood. (Netflix)

They'll be challenged to camp out in the wild, climb trees and source and cook their own food, a tough ask for people who've spent every day so far having parents catering to their every need.

With no running water, no Wi-Fi, and no parents around to make it all better, Snowflake Mountain is set to be a crash course in growing up.

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It will be worth their while to learn some adulting skills, as the winner of the series is set to walk away with an undisclosed but life-changing amount of money.

UK contestants taking part include Liam, 21, and Rae, 25, who will join eight US contestants in trying to win the cash prize by finally growing up.

Liam, from Warwickshire, is living with his grandma after finding it too tough living with the expectations in both his parents' houses, but doesn't lift a finger to help and has never cooked.

Rae, from Kent, is very close to her parents and loves living at home - because she doesn't have to grow up and has left a series of jobs as she prefers partying and going on holiday.

Will they have what it takes to measure up to the US contestants, both in terms of brattiness and in turning things around?

Snowflake Mountain is set to begin streaming on Netflix on 22 June.

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