SNP faces huge general election losses as Labour 10 points ahead, poll finds

Scottish Labour's Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie -Credit:Getty Images
Scottish Labour's Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie -Credit:Getty Images

The SNP is facing major losses at the general election as Scottish Labour has opened up a 10 point lead, a poll has suggested.

A YouGov survey put Labour on 39 per cent, with the SNP was on 29 per cent.

Polling guru John Curtice told The Times this would leave the SNP on 11 seats, with Labour winning 35 constituencies.

The SNP won 48 seats at the 2019 general election but currently have 43 MPs. Labour only won a single seat in 2019 and currently has two.

The poll gave the highest Labour vote share and lowest SNP vote share since the 2014 independence referendum.

It comes less than a fortnight after John Swinney took over from Humza Yousaf as SNP leader and First Minister.

Yousaf resigned after the Greens said they would not back hind for ending the Bute House Agreement.

Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie said: “This bombshell poll shows that Scotland’s political landscape has changed and that the people of Scotland are turning to Scottish Labour to deliver the change we need.

“At both Westminster and Holyrood Scottish Labour is gaining support but we are taking nothing for granted and will continue to work hard to gain the trust and support of Scots.

“While the SNP try to drag Scotland back into the past with yesterday’s man John Swinney, Scottish Labour is relentlessly focused on the future.

“In place of SNP failure, Scottish Labour has a plan to bring down bills, tackle NHS waiting lists, boost workers’ rights and deliver jobs.

“Change is coming and Scottish Labour will continue to work tirelessly to deliver the change we need.”

The poll put the Conservatives on 12 per cent, holding its six seats according to Curtice's analysis.

The Lib Dems were on eight per cent and would gain one seat to put them on five.

The Greens were on seven per cent and Reform UK on four per cent, but neither would gain a seat.

YouGov interviewed 114 adults between May 13 and 17.

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