Watch: SNP MP drowned out by cheering Tories hours after plea for Commons 'respect'

This is the moment Tory MPs drowned out an SNP MP with cheers after he name-checked Margaret Thatcher.

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Brendan O’Hara was forced to pause his speech due to jeering Conservatives in the Commons chamber.

It came just hours after new Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said he wanted the House to “have a better image” that is “respected” by the public.

Mr O’Hara had been trying to lobby Boris Johnson over a second Scottish independence referendum by saying Mrs Thatcher accepted “the union of the United Kingdom can only be maintained by consent”.

Brendan O'Hara in the Commons on Wednesday (
Brendan O'Hara in the Commons on Wednesday (

But as soon as he uttered Mrs Thatcher’s name, MPs on the Tory benches erupted into huge cheers lasting 10 seconds.

Mr O’Hara paused and sat down while an unknown colleague could be heard yelling: “What a bunch of yobs!”

Margaret Thatcher, 49, who is to oppose former Prime Minister Edward Heath in the election for the Conservative Party leadership on February 4th 1975.
Margaret Thatcher (PA)

Restarting his speech, Mr O’Hara mentioned Mrs Thatcher’s name a second time: again prompting cheers on the Tory benches.

Sir Lindsay had earlier told ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme: “I want to bring a different style to the House. I want the House to have a better image.

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“I want an image that actually people respect the House of Commons, respect democracy, and I feel we have lost our way with the public trust.

“I want to try and bring the chamber together. I want to take the hatred out of the chamber because it became very venomous, the way people were speaking to each other.”

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