The SNP is recruiting children to LGBT ideology

Closeup of LGBT flag pin attached to business suit
Closeup of LGBT flag pin attached to business suit

Just as the Cass Report threatened to turn the tide of trans ideology in England, Scotland is doubling down on its commitment to that same philosophy. Primary schools north of the border are appointing children as “LGBT champions” and are being urged to ask pupils as young as four if they are gay, lesbian or trans, The Telegraph has revealed.

It’s an initiative by LGBT Youth Scotland, a publicly-funded charity that also urges teachers to install gender-neutral toilets and claims that more than 200 Scottish secondaries – more than half of the national total – and more than 40 primary schools, have joined its LGBT charter for education.

As part of membership, staff are trained by the organisation, which provides an online guide and letter templates for children wishing to change their gender at school.

A core part of trans ideology – and one that was perhaps fatally undermined by the Cass report into gender care for young people – is that anyone, however young, convinced that they were born “in the wrong body”, must be affirmed in that belief. But what is happening in Scottish schools appears to be more than that. There can’t be much justification for recruiting primary-aged children to the LGBT cause, other than to advance a political movement and guarantee the continued public funding of the various organisations whose members’ jobs depend on it.

First Minister Humza Yousaf, meanwhile, whose government seems committed to the LGBT Champions programme for children, prides himself on being the most progressive political leader in the UK. He was slow to respond to the findings of the Cass Review (Sandyford Clinic, Scotland’s only gender identity clinic for youngsters, has only just announced a “pause” in the prescription of puberty-blocking drugs to under-18s) and has invited further controversy by announcing that the Scottish Government’s long-awaited Bill to protect women from misogyny will be extended to include biologically male “trans women”.

The First Minister’s most high profile and influential critic, the author J.K. Rowling, said he had revealed his “absolute contempt for women”. She highlighted that the recently enacted Hate Crime and Public Disorder Act offered protection to trans people – but not women – from hate crimes. Rowling expressed outrage that with the new anti-misogyny bill, trans women would receive “double protection”.

Yousaf took to Twitter to hit back: “The faux outrage claiming trans women have double protection under the law because of who they are is as ludicrous as being upset that a disabled, black woman has triple protection under the law.” Expect much fun and games when MSPs get to the part of the Bill that calls for a definition of what a woman actually is.

To understand why a party that used to prioritise independence, and which used that issue to gain office, now sets so much store in advancing trans ideology in government, two important factors need to be understood.

The first is that the SNP have profited politically by claiming that culturally and politically, Scotland is different from England. And many Scots have bought into this fallacy, which is why Yousaf and his ministers felt, initially, at least, that they could safely ignore Cass’s review, since it was undertaken in England.

Secondly, governments are encouraged to persevere with a controversial policy if it is confident that the main opposition parties will raise no objections. Scottish Labour has been as wholly captured by the trans lobby as has the SNP; Yousaf’s plans to include protection for biological males in anti-misogyny legislation will likely provoke no protest from Anas Sarwar or his front bench.

But when children become the target of the LGBT ideology, voters might just start to notice, especially if our large neighbour to the south looks like it might finally be showing signs of resisting the intellectual tyranny to which it has surrendered in the last decade.

And when political parties choose to ignore angry parents, there can be only one winner.