Sofia Richie announces she’s pregnant with her and Elliot Grainge’s first child

Sofia Richie announces she’s pregnant with her and Elliot Grainge’s first child

Sofia Richie has revealed that she and husband Elliot Grainge are expecting their first child together.

The 25-year-old model shared the big news during a recent interview withVogue, in which she could be seen posing with her hands over her baby bump. Speaking to the publication, she opened up about learning that she was expecting, explaining that she discovered she was pregnant “very, very early”.

“I was about four weeks pregnant, I was on a trip to Milan for fashion week, and I was going to the Prada show,” she said. “I was doing a really quick 24-hour turnaround, and I felt terrible but didn’t think much of it. I thought it was jet lag.”

Richie, who got married in April 2023, revealed that she’ll be welcoming her child later this year, noting that the newborn will be a Gemini baby. She also revealed the gender of her unborn child: a girl.

According to Richie, after she took her first pregnancy test, she asked her partner to go to CVS and get even more tests. She recalled speaking to her husband on the phone during his trip to the drug store, and how he came home and reassured her as they waited for the results of the pregnancy tests together.

“He’s such a sweet guy he always wants to protect my emotions and expectations, so he kind of sat me down and said: ‘If these are negative, don’t be upset,’” she said. “‘Our moment will come.’ When we turned over all three tests at the same time they were all positive.”

Richie continued to describe how emotional she and her partner became when discovering that she was pregnant, adding: “He was so excited, and we both cried. It was crazy and overwhelming and so hard not to scream it from the rooftops.”

The media personality also explained why she chose to keep the news out of the public eye, noting that her parents and her husbands’ parents only found out when she was eight weeks into the pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is really scary and you want to protect that space,” she explained. “I didn’t realise there are so many milestones you have to hit and so many tests you have to take. For me, it was really important to protect our mental health and our space as a couple.”

She also admitted that she’s worn large trench coats to hide her growing baby bump over the last six months. However, now that her pregnancy has been announced, she said that she’s excited to show off her different clothes.

“I’m not really tapping into maternity wear at all, if anything, I’m just sizing up,” she explained. “I’m also not buying an entirely new wardrobe for this pregnancy. I’ve bought a few pairs of pants in bigger sizes, but I’m wearing my same jackets, and sweaters, and trenches - I’m about to have some fun with it now that I can spread my wings and fly.”

During the interview, Richie also described how thrilled she is to have a daughter, explaining that while her baby is “growing pretty fast,” the due date is still “a bit up in the air”. She then shared how she and her husband discovered their child’s gender.

“I love the YouTubes and the TikToks, even before I was talking about getting pregnant, of gender reveals, so we had our OB text my assistant Becca [our baby’s gender], and we bought two party poppers: one blue, one pink,” she added. “She left out the one with the correct colour inside, and Elliot and I popped it together. We both really thought it was a boy, so it was a true shock.”

After noting that her “dream in life” has been to have a daughter, she confirmed that her husband is “really excited” to have a baby girl too. “I think it’s so typical for boys to want boys, but he has a lot of sisters. It was really sweet. He’s very sensitive,” she said.

Richie, whose parents are Lionel Richie and Diane Alexander, got engaged to Grainge in April 2022, after more than a year together. Months after her 2023 wedding, which became a social media sensation, the model also opened up about the early days of her relationship with Grainge. Speaking to Who What Wear in August 2023, she revealed that before she and her now-husband started dating, she would often think about how kind he would be to his future partner.

“I would always tell him: ‘Whoever you end up with is the luckiest girl.’ I thought that person is going to be really loved, appreciated and worshiped. And then I realised one day… Why can’t that lucky girl be me?’” she explained.

She then shared that once she started her relationship with her then-friend, she had a “different feeling” whenever she was around him.

“It was the feeling of really being appreciated. I knew when we started dating that he was my husband,” she said. “It wasn’t a: ‘Do you think one day he’ll propose?’ It was like: ‘This is my husband – 100 per cent’. I felt this love for him that I never felt ever in my life.”

During her recent interview with Vogue, Richie opened up about her last few months of pregnancy, confessing how she’s come to “learn more” about the female body now than she ever had in her “entire life”.

“And also just like what the female body is capable of. Every week brings new things, whether it’s hormonal shifts or expansion,” she said. “There’s just so much our bodies go through, and it’s so interesting to experience it all.”