Sofia Vergara gives stellar response to interviewer’s ‘nonsense’ Modern Family question

Sofia Vergara had a flawless response to an interviewer who mocked her pronunciation of the hit sitcom Modern Family.

Vergara, 51, will soon star in the Netflix miniseries Griselda, based on the story of the real-life Colombian drug trafficker Griselda Blanco.

To promote the show, the actor appeared on the Spanish chat show El Hormiguero on Tuesday (9 January) and spoke with host Pablo Motos.

Their conversation turned spiky at one point when Vergara referred to her Modern Family character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, who she played for the show’s entire 11-season run.

After she mentioned the show title, Motos chipped in to question her pronunciation, quipping: “How do you say Modern Family?”

Visibly confused, Vergara asked whether she’d said the title incorrectly before drily adding: “Oh, because you speak better English than me?”

Sofia Vergara takes on an interviewer (YouTube)
Sofia Vergara takes on an interviewer (YouTube)

The studio audience laughed and applauded, before Vergara began listing some of her achievements on the ABC series.

“How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States?” she asked. “How many times did they nominate you at the Golden Globes?”

Vergara was the highest-paid female TV actor at several points during the show’s run from 2009 to 2020, and received nominations for four Globes and four Emmys.

Motos then claimed that he did not care about Golden Globes, retorting: “The Golden Globes are minor awards, they don’t matter to me a bit.”

Pablo Motos and Sofia Vergara (YouTube)
Pablo Motos and Sofia Vergara (YouTube)

Fans of Vergara have praised the actor’s calm response to Motos’s ribbing on social media.

One Spanish comment on X/Twitter, translated to English, reads: “What a delight the way that woman responds to every nonsense [statement] that comes out of Pablo’s mouth.”

Elsewhere, Vergara has spoken about her excitement for Griselda, which also stars the Colombian singer-songwriter Karol G and Narcos: Mexico star Alberto Guerra.

On taking on the complex role of the mother and businesswoman-turned-cocaine kingpin, Vergara told Entertainment Tonight: “There are so many nuances to explore in terms of who she was as a drug lord and, of course, as a woman, as a mother. She was someone who did whatever it took to protect her family.”

The Chef star continued: “I really wanted to explore that from the point of view of, you know, of her being one of the only women in history to have gone as far as she did.”

All six episodes of Griselda will be available on Netflix on 25 January.