Soho strip club faces closure after ‘10 spikings’ left punters £250k out of pocket, according to police

A CCTV shot from police evidence inside Vanity strip club (Westminster Council)
A CCTV shot from police evidence inside Vanity strip club (Westminster Council)

A Soho strip club may be forced to shut down after a married customer claimed to have had his drink spiked and woke up hours later with close to £20,000 missing from his bank accounts.

Vanity Bar and Nightclub in Carlisle Street faces closure after as many as 10 alleged spikings at the venue were reported to police with punters claiming to have lost as much as £250,000.

The most recent claim came from a man who “blacked out” at the strip club which promises on its website a “party that will stay with you for the rest of your life”.

Vanity night club (Google Maps)
Vanity night club (Google Maps)

After going for a steak dinner with a friend on November 26 he alleges he went to the bar, ordered a drink and had a dance.

Moments later he was separated from his friend, taken to a separate area where he blacked out soon after.

On waking up on a street close to his home the next day he checked his bank accounts and found several transactions to Vanity and an unnamed café totalling £16,000.

A police report into the allegation from PC Steve Muldoon added: "The victim woke up the next day and was in a street near his home address and he subsequently checked Google Maps and found he was at Vanity and then left approximately two hours after arriving.

"He found himself at a location on Google Maps showing a car wash where he was for nearly two and a half hours. He was then dropped near his home. Google Maps has this down as a route he was driven. The victim does not know how he arrived at these locations or how he has returned home."

Another alleged victim, a married TfL worker, said in his statement to police he remembered buying a beer at Vanity on November 23.

Police CCTV evidence of a dance inside Vanity Night Club (Westminster City Council)
Police CCTV evidence of a dance inside Vanity Night Club (Westminster City Council)

He claimed: “I now from this point have no memory for the rest of the time of being in Vanity.

“My next memory was when I then woke up near to 8am a few roads from my house. I had no clue how I got to there or where I had been.

“It is my belief I had my drink spiked and it is my belief that this occurred inside Vanity. I do not know if this was done by a member of staff or if a dancer did this but I am certain that it occurred.”

He added: “This incident has affected me emotionally and has affected my lifestyle. I no longer want to go out and am anxious even when going somewhere with my wife.”

In total, he claims to have lost around £17,000 in nine fraudulent transactions.

Police reported ten similar incidents of drink spikings and asked Westminster Council for the venue to have its licence suspended.

One window fitter told police he went to the strip club after going to a Foals gig in April. He woke up in his hotel corridor with more than £1,500 missing from his joint account with his wife.

Another victim claimed he woke up in a brothel after visiting the strip club and discovered £98,000 had been transferred from his accounts.

Westminster Council officials are set to hold a review of Vanity’s alcohol licence for a licencing meeting on Monday.

Vanity has been approached for comment.