Can you solve our The Last of Us crossword special?

Pedro Pascal in The Last Of Us
Pedro Pascal in The Last Of Us

Video games are a passion of mine, so much so that it was my entire career before choosing to write about puzzles. This means I’m particularly delighted that The Last of Us show from HBO is making some waves.

For too long, people have considered games to be filled with needless violence or boring stories, when that’s simply a common misconception. The televised The Last of Us is a great demonstration of gaming’s worth as a medium for art and world-building. So far the show has been very faithful to the game. People who’d never think to turn on a PlayStation (or indeed any games console) are loving the series, and it’s scoring highly with critics and audiences alike.

In case you’re not familiar with the basic story of The Last of Us, it’s an emotionally driven story about a young girl and a man caught in a zombie apocalypse. If that sounds familiar, yes, all this has been done before. There are plenty of horror films and television shows that explore the journeys of survivors following an apocalyptic event, from George A Romero’s Night of the Living Dead to recent series such as The Walking Dead.

What makes The Last of Us different, however, is that Ellie, the young girl, and Joel, the adult accompanying her, aren’t related. They are strangers at the beginning of the story, and the tale revolves around them growing closer and trusting each other after the devastating circumstances that have brought them together. Though the apocalypse is the set dressing, it’s that dynamic that pushed The Last of Us to be considered among the best games ever.

The game has been such a success that it made it to the small screen, and so we mark that success today with our very own tribute. In today’s Cross Atlantic crossword you’ll be able to spot some The Last of Us themed clues and answers. If you’re not familiar with the game or the TV series, don’t fret; the puzzle can be solved by anyone, whether they know of the franchise or not.

Our Cross Atlantics are particularly friendly to solvers, as they feature more topical references than our other puzzles, and are created in a more compact style. This means that solving just a handful of clues will give you hints to help you find other answers, and can help get you out of a jam. If only Ellie and Joel’s journey was as simple.

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