Somerset sleepy village that's so 'Notting Hill' it's full of celebrities

Bruton, Somerset, England - view to town and church from the dovecote, with railway tracks in foreground
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Boasting a location in the idyllic Somerset town of Bruton, a posh rural spot beloved by politicians and celebrities alike, it has become somewhat of an unsuspecting star attraction. British Vogue has even gone as far as christening it "the new Notting Hill", such is its charm and appeal.

As per records, the population of Bruton hovers around the 3000 mark. Among these people are some notable characters from the entertainment industry, like Nowhere Boy's director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her actor husband Aaron who consider this place as their second home.

Sir Cameron Mackintosh, whose name is attached to successful musicals such as Cats, Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera, also calls Bruton his home, residing in a spectacular converted 13th century Augustine priory.

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In addition to these familiar faces, the town is also home to fashion powerhouses Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo and Alice Temperley, adding a sprinkle of haute couture to Bruton's landscape. Musically inclined residents are aplenty with placements including Caroline Corr, of the well-known band 'The Corrs', and Dominic Greensmith, the drummer from rock ensemble 'Reef'.

There's no shortage of political figures either with ex-Chancellor for the Tory party, George Osborne, owning a five-bedroom house here. He shelled out a whopping £1.6 million for it, as reports the Mirror.

A view of Bruton High Street
A view of Bruton High Street -Credit:Google Maps

Bruton, a town steeped in history since 1086, is not just known for its plethora of listed buildings but also for its high-end dining and education. Among its attractions is the Michelin-starred Osip, hailed as "a tiny, farm-to-table restaurant," and the brainchild of Merlin Labron-Johnson, who at 24 became one of the youngest chefs to receive a Michelin star in 2015.

With prices starting at £120 for lunch or dinner, and a shorter menu at £69, it's evident that the establishment caters to a wealthier clientele.

The Guardian highlighted Bruton's soaring property market in 2020, noting that house prices had surged by a third over five years. This boom has led to concerns among residents about being priced out.