'My Son Is My Hero': Teen Saves Dad Stuck Under Truck

A man who was recently trapped under a truck in Oakdale, California, called his 15-year-old son a “hero” after the teenager lifted the truck just enough for him to roll out.

Security camera footage shows Matt Wilkinson working under a truck on his property when the vehicle suddenly collapses on top of him. His son Dalin can then be seen lifting a corner of the vehicle just enough for his dad to roll away.

Wilkinson told KCRA that this was supposed to be a normal Monday night, working on his truck, until he decided to slide under the vehicle to get a better angle at the rotor.

“The second it popped off, the truck fell,” he said. “It rolled forward, and it just fell right on top of me, and all I could think was the breath coming out of me. I was just squished. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t yell.”

His son Dalin, a 15-year-old high school student, said his father made a noise “like his soul was leaving his body.”

Wilkinson, who was left with broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a separated shoulder after the accident, praised his son as his hero. Credit: Matt Wilkinson via Storyful

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