Son Heung-min reveals the side to Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou that people don't get to see

Son Heung-min has admitted that there is an angry side to Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou that the outside world doesn't often get to see.

The Australian is a mostly calm and collected on the touchline during matches, other than the odd instruction shouted to his players, and in his press conferences with the media the 58-year-old rarely if ever gets hot and bothered about any subject. However, when asked what Postecoglou is like as a man manager, Son paused, thought about it and admitted that his head coach has a fiery side to him.

"Erm, I do like him, I do love him actually. Some people probably see him outside of the changing room, outside of the club, and think he wouldn't say anything to the players, but he's really, really, really angry sometimes and he gives a big shout when he's not happy about it," the Spurs skipper said in an interview with TNT Sports.

"I like it, it makes you realise what you have to do. He's very disciplined, he's demanding of everyone which is very important for me. I've been working with him for almost 10 months, but I've been learning the football parts and also as a human being even more so, which is very impressive."

The Tottenham players would have no doubt saw that angrier side of Postecoglou after Saturday's 4-0 defeat at Newcastle in the Premier League and in this interview, recorded just ahead of that game, the South Korean added: "I think it's helping get the best out of me as a player. As a player I always want to be honest and a good example, because I'm getting old. I'm not in my early twenties like I wish I was.

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"When you're captain of a huge club, a Premier League club, you have to be a good example for the academy players and also the first team players who are looking for you. I want to be a really good example and the gaffer helps me a lot, bringing his attitude and also the way he speaks and leads the team. I think it was very important for me to see how he does it and try to copy him as much as I can."

Son is enjoying playing within the attacking Postecoglou system with the aim of keeping the ball as high up the pitch as possible.

"It's so joyous, seeing different football and different play of football," he said. "I had the greatest managers - Mourinho, Conte, also Nuno and Mauricio [Pochettino]. Everybody wants to play different styles of football, but his football gets more interesting every day. I want to get better for him, and the football he wants to approach.

"Everybody wants to play in the opponent's half of the pitch, as close to the goal as possible - and that's what he wants. The fans love to watch it. It's fantastic for us. It's a joy to play - obviously it's hard work, but you get the reward."

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