Here Are All the Songs in Netflix’s ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ Movie

Netflix’s “Thelma the Unicorn” soundtrack is sure to have you tapping your toes. Adapted from the children’s book of the same name by Aaron Blabey — the writer behind fellow best-selling children’s series turned feature film, “The Bad Guys” — the film follows the rise to fame for a talented pony with musical ambitions. When a fateful application of paint and glitter leaves her looking like a unicorn, Thelma seizes her chance to stand out from the crowd and make her dreams come true, voiced by Alabama Shakes’ lead vocalist Brittany Howard.

With a bonafide rockstar in the lead role, you better believe “Thelma the Unicorn’s” soundtrack is jam-packed with needle drops of all kinds — familiar favorites, covers of rock hits, and of course, plenty of original songs, several of which are co-written by Howard.

As for the sillier songs on the soundtrack, you might recognize a familiar name there as well. “Flight of the Conchords” star and Oscar-winning songwriter (“The Muppets”) Brett McKenzie wrote several of the tracks. McKenzie wrote four songs for the film. In fact, it’s a low-key reunion, because fellow “Conchords” frontman Jemaine Clement sings one of McKenzie’s songs, “3 C’s to Success.”

And co-director Jared Hess (“Napoleon Dynamite”) says there were even more than we saw in the final version. “He’d even written other ones that we weren’t able to squeeze into the film,” Hess told ComingSoon. “His comedic sensibility just totally lined up for what we were trying to do and kind of lampooning, I think, some of the shallow type of songs that you can find out there in the world when you get corrupted by showbiz.”

See a complete list of every song in the “Thelma the Unicorn” movie soundtrack below:

“Are You Gonna Go My Way”

  • Written by Lenny Kravitz and Craig Ross

  • Performed by Brittany Howard

“Hold on, I’m Comin'”

  • Written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter

  • Performed by Sam & Dave

“Blubber Trouble”

  • Written by Bret McKenzie

  • Performed by Baraka May

“Conga (Re-Recorded)”

  • Written by Enrique Elias Garcia

  • Performed by Gloria Estefan

“Fire Inside”

  • Written by Theo Katzman and Louis Cato

  • Performed by Brittany Howard

“Pool Boys”

  • Written by Freddie Ross, Suzannah Powell, Miles Comaskey and Owen J. Hobson

  • Performed by Pool Boys ft. Big Freedia

“Diamond Girl”

  • Written by Jose Angel Granada Jr. and Arthur Lammoglia

  • Performed by Nice & Wild

“After Midnight”

  • Written by Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, Daniel Nigro and Casey Cathleen Smith

  • Performed by Chappell Roan

“Hurricane (From the Original Motion Picture Thelma the Unicorn)”

  • Written by Jamie Lidderdale and Dominic Mocky Salole

  • Performed by Brittany Howard

“Peggy’s Jam Session”

  • Written and performed by John Hancock

“Dance Across the Floor”

  • Written by Harry Wayne Casey

  • Performed by Jimmy Bo Horne

“Shake Your Pants”

  • Written by Larry Blackmon

  • Performed by Cameo


  • Written by Taura Stinson, Jon Levine, Brittany Howard and Mike Elizondo

  • Performed by Brittany Howard

“Hollywood Swinging”

  • Written by Robert E Bell, Ronald Bell, George Melvin Brown, Robert Spike Mickens, Claydes Smith, Dennis Ronald Thomas and Richard Westfield

  • Performed by Kool & The Gang

“Here Comes the Cud”

  • Written by Brett McKenzie

  • Performed by Fred Armisen and Brittany Howard

“3 C’s to Success”

  • Written by Bret McKenzie

  • Performed by Jemaine Clement

“Only Unicorn”

  • Written by Bret McKenzie

  • Performed by Brittany Howard


  • Written by Gordon Goudie and John McLaughlin

  • Performed by 911

“Dancing to the Beat”

  • Written by Maurice Samples, Jr

  • Performed by Clarence Murray


  • Written by Kirk Jones, Jason William Mizell, Chylow M Parker, Fred Scruggs Jr. and Tyrone Taylor

  • Performed by Onyx

“Jump into the Fire”

  • Written and Performed by Harry Nilsson

“The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)”

  • Written by Brian Kierulf and Jason M. Shwartz

  • Performed by Jeff McCollister

“Right Where It Counts”

  • Written by Clark Gorden, Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn, Michael Smith and Brian Steckler

  • Performed by Jeff McCollister

“Just As You Are”

  • Written by Taura Stinson, Darien Dorsey and Brittany Howard

  • Performed by Brittany Howard


  • Written by Taura Stinson and Darien Dorsey

  • Performed by Brittany Howard

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