Sophia Bush feels like she's been 'run over' due to medication effects

Sophia Bush has been ill credit:Bang Showbiz
Sophia Bush has been ill credit:Bang Showbiz

Sophia Bush feels like she's been "run over" because of the side effects of medication she has been taking.

The former 'One Tree Hill' star took to Instagram to appeal for help and reassurance after she developed full body aches in response to the steroids she had been taking to treat a problem with her throat.

She shared a photo on her Instagram Story in which she lay in bed with a blanket and wrote: "Okay so a week of steroids means I have my voice back. Also means I feel like I've been ... run over?

"Is this normal? Anyone have any experience with this/feedback about how to make the intense aches go away?(sic)"

But hours later, Sophia seemed to be feeling better as she shared another photo, in which she was fully dressed and flashing a peace sign at the camera.

Last summer, the 41-year-old actress split from her husband Grant Hughes after just one year of marriage, and she recently revealed she and her friends in similar situations had a WhatsApp group chat called 'Hot Divorce Summer' to support one another.

Speaking to co-host Bethany Joy Lenz on their 'Drama Queens' podcast, she said: "Do you remember that Megan Thee Stallion song 'Hot Girl Summer'?

"At one point someone renamed it ‘Hot Divorce Summer.’ And I was just dying.

"I was like, the fact that we have this group chat that is literally giving everybody life and people are trading recommendations for lawyers, sending each other quotes from phenomenal writers.

"We have a book club going. We’re sending each other really hilarious memes from TikTok. It just got so great.”

She even joked about the idea of bringing their divorcee group chat to the big screen.

She quipped: "Maybe we need to make that movie."

Bethany added: "That's the rom-com I want to watch!"