Sophy From 'America's Sweethearts' Has The Docuseries' Most Vulnerable (And Infuriating) Moment

Sophy From 'America's Sweethearts' Has The Docuseries' Most Vulnerable (And Infuriating) Moment

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dives into the world of one of the most elite football cheerleading squads in the country. But it also shows what goes on behind the scenes with these dancers, including some aspects of the job that are not so great.

That includes dancer Sophy Laufer being allegedly groped by a cameraman. As the show details, Sophy was on the field during a Dallas Cowboys game when a photographer inappropriately touched her. Sophy was willing to press charges, but police didn’t pursue her accusations because they said they didn’t have enough proof.

With all of that, it’s understandable to wonder about how Sophy is doing and where she is right now. Here’s what we know.

She’s a dance instructor from California.

Sophy is a DCC veteran and has a huge background in dance. According to her official DCC bio, Sophy taught dance and choreographed for a year after graduating from high school. “I love being able to share my passion, training, and love for dance with others," she says in her bio.

Worth noting: Sophy was actually approached by a DCC recruiter, so she was basically drafted.

"I am honored to be a part of this team and call them my teammates," she says on her bio. "I love performing at AT&T stadium for all of the Cowboy’s fans. It is a dream come true!!"

She’s been dancing since she was two years old.

Sophy's DCC bio notes that she started dancing at the age of two and competing at the age of four. She did her first dance solo at the age of five and trained in all styles of dance. Oh! She was on her high school dance team and cheerleading squad.

The 2023-2024 season depicted in America's Sweethearts was her second with the DCC.

What happened to Sophy during ‘America’s Sweethearts’?

Episode 6 of the series details the scary things that have happened to DCC members, including Sophy being groped. A photographer reportedly grabbed Sophy's butt while she was on the field, and she tearfully reported him to the authorities. But police decided there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges and they were eventually dropped.

DCC director Kelli Finglass offered for her to sit out the game. "If she’s that upset, she doesn’t need to be dancing," she said during the episode.

Where is Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Sophy now?

Sophy seems to be trying out for the team once again. She appeared in a joint post on Instagram with DCC that featured a photo of herself doing a dance routine while wearing a sparkly outfit in early June.

She's also been busy traveling and attending other events with fellow Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. There's Sophy riding a horse on the beach in Jamaica:

Sophy posing alongside fellow DCCs during Valentine's Day celebrations:

And going to a wedding with fellow DCCs in Beverly Hills:

Good luck this season, Sophy!

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