Sorry I didn’t know you were police, says gunman after firing two shots in raid

Bodycam footage shows Met officers being shot at by a man as they raided a house only for him to apologise saying he didn’t realise they were police.

Officers from the Territorial Support Group (TSG) stormed Koby Haik’s home in Enfield, north-east London, in April last year.

A clip shows the 31-year-old standing at the top of the stairs armed with a baseball bat before firing two shots as police entered the property in Southgate.

As officers moved in to restrain him, he said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was police.”

The imitation firearm used by Koby Haik
The imitation firearm used by Koby Haik - Metropolitan Police/swns

Haik was arrested and the recovered weapon was found to be an imitation firearm containing blank rounds.

He was later linked to a drugs import ring and was jailed for seven years at Isleworth Crown Court.

Det Chief Insp Inderjit Kaur said: “This investigation highlights some fantastic detective work by Met Police officers to identify and uncover a dangerous group involved in drugs importation and supply, which we know can have a terrible effect on local communities.

“We also saw incredible bravery and professionalism from TSG officers who were shot at as they arrested one of the suspects.

“Thankfully, only blanks were fired, but thanks to this investigation, a dangerous weapon is off the streets and a group of dangerous criminals are now behind bars.”

An investigation was launched after two women flying into London from Los Angeles reported their suitcases and passports had been stolen while waiting for a taxi at Heathrow on January 11 last year.

Using CCTV footage detectives traced the suspects – a man and woman – back to a car registered to Eleanar Attard, 45.

Just two days after the theft, officers attended her home in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, where they arrested Attard, along with her husband, Nicholas Panayiotou, 43.

When officers examined Panayiotou’s phone, they found evidence that the theft was part of a wider conspiracy to smuggle 130lb of cannabis into Britain from the United States and then steal it from the two female drug mules recruited to import it.

Customs plot

Panayiotou and his wife were to pose as customs officers and pretend to seize the suitcases and passports from the women soon after they arrived in the UK.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology also showed Panayiotou and his wife travelled to a hotel and then on to their restaurant A Touch of Greek in Chingford, east London, after the thefts.

Three videos found by detectives on Panayiotou’s phone also showed large quantities of cannabis.

Meta-data analysis showed they were taken the day after the luggage was stolen and filmed at the restaurant.

Panayiotou was jailed for four years and one month for conspiring to supply and steal cannabis and his wife was imprisoned for eight months over the theft of the suitcases and passports.

Koby Haik has been jailed for his part in the drug smuggling ring and shooting blanks from an imitation firearm
Koby Haik has been jailed for his part in the drug smuggling ring and shooting blanks from an imitation firearm - Metropolitan Police/pa

Haik was identified as being a member of Panayiotou’s WhatsApp group along with two other men.

Constantinos Zavros, 34, of Southgate, was found to be linked to those supplying the drugs in the US and was jailed for six years and 11 months.

Luke Wileman, 32, of Horsham, West Sussex, advised the gang on how to sell the drugs and suggested suitable clothing for Panayiotou and Attard to wear in order to pose as customs officers. He is due to be sentenced on May 9.